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Chatbots and Virtual Assistants are slowly making their way towards becoming the modern consumer’s first touchpoint towards interaction with a brand. From providers of information to reliable automation that assists consumers with their queries to become the front face of the company, Chatbots have evolved significantly over the years, making strides towards intelligence and self-governance.

In addition to being automation capable of solving problems on a real-time basis, chatbots have also become an incredible tool in engaging and keeping a consumer interested in the brand. Unique chatbot experiences are sought and cherished by its users.

There are a number of…

A graphic that has the heading, ‘The Benefits of Developing an App for your Restaurant Business’ along with a mobile graphic that represents delivery
A graphic that has the heading, ‘The Benefits of Developing an App for your Restaurant Business’ along with a mobile graphic that represents delivery

Over the years, the restaurant industry has been slowly digitizing itself by the adoption of new-age technologies to find digital avenues to generate revenue and create brand awareness. The growth of online food delivery systems has slowly been revolutionizing the way consumers experience and interact with the restaurant industry. These platforms have enhanced restaurant services, created brand awareness as well as promotion, and introduced an easy and convenient way to access food.

Though there was a change towards a more tech-oriented service, the change was slow, with conventional service being a more preferred option for both consumers as well as…

A graphic with the title ‘Combating Gender Inequality in the workplace’ and a representation of a man and woman sitting on a balance scale.
A graphic with the title ‘Combating Gender Inequality in the workplace’ and a representation of a man and woman sitting on a balance scale.

Gender equality could be defined as the equal treatment of both male and female employees in the workplace. This includes equal pay, access to equal opportunities, advancement, and inclusion. It also extends to recognizing individual strengths, celebrating achievements, and creating a more inclusive culture. In spite of the number of progressive efforts taken towards equality these past few years, there is still a considerable gap that needs to be bridged to completely usher in gender equality in the workplace.

This International Women’s Day, let us take a step forward to incorporate a mental framework that aims at promoting gender equality…

The past decade has exponentially changed the way that data is perceived, and used. Organizations are pursuing and implementing data-centric initiatives and are relying more and more on data-driven decisions to create business value and innovation. The focus of Data Engineering has evolved from managing data inflow/outflow from databases to making it more accessible and providing the right data to its users at the right time.

The Evolution

Data engineering was brought into the main picture a few years ago when the increased demand for data handling and engineering support emerged with the shifting data landscape. However, the original conceptualization of the…

The past year has been a revolutionary accelerator in terms of technology. Due to the pandemic, 2020 became a year that forced organizations across industries to transform themselves digitally and adapt to a remote environment, both in terms of internal and external operations. Consumers have adapted and become more tech-centric giving a much higher focus on online shopping than ever before.

Digital transformation in the retail sector has now become unavoidable and will continue to grow in the direction that the consumers adapt to.

Here are a few trends to look forward to that might reshape the way technology in…

Title Image

An offshoot of the process of modernization of work, Work-from-Home has been a luxury afforded to employees by organizations taking the digital route. But for the modern employee arises a modern problem. How can one work with absolute concentration when there are so many distractions? That’s why we have put together some tips that will help you stay productive while working at home.

Be realistic about your goals

The first order of business is to understand that working in an office space and at home are two completely different things. There are far too many responsibilities at home apart from…

Divy Shrivastava has over ten years of experience as an entrepreneur and leader in helping enterprises and ventures build software technology products.

What is your top priority while making decisions to improve tech infra in your organization?

There are several factors that we take into account to decide on improving the technology infrastructure at Nineleaps.

Productivity Benefits are one of the critical parameters that drive a decision for technology adoptions. The benefits in productivity can be in terms of staff-hours saved, faster response time, higher / improved quality of services, lesser maintenance, etc. Sometimes we also have to undertake proof-of-concept or a pilot to determine the tangible benefits to productivity.

We also use Return on…

In the current corporate team structure, web designers, developers, DevOps experts, and quality assurance professionals are highly interdependent on one another to build and release products in a timely manner. However, this dependency usually leads to slippage in delivering products on schedule, thereby resulting in increased expenses and man-hours. Additionally, with changing user behavior and requirements, many organizations today are searching for ways to gain insight into customer expectations beforehand and identify opportunities to align their services to the same. Helping organizations reinvent themselves by optimizing their business processes amid changing industry dynamics is the India-based firm, Nineleaps. …

Specialized innovative solutions on top of base technology infrastructure are enabling organizations to meet specific needs at a fast pace, according to Divy Shrivastava, Co-Founder, and CEO of Nineleaps.

Bengaluru-based digital transformation services provider Nineleaps was listed amongst LinkedIn’s top startups to work for in India in 2018.

In an interaction with ComputerWorld India, Nineleaps’ Co-Founder and CEO Divy Shrivastava, shines the spotlight on the evolving trends currently prevalent in the software services sector.

Nineleaps was listed among the top startups of India for 2018 by LinkedIn. What has made Nineleaps thrive in the highly competitive tech startup space?


Divy Shrivastava, as CEO of Nineleaps Technology Solutions, focuses on setting strategic direction and product positioning while building and nurturing a powerful leadership team. Divy has a strong project planning and execution track record and is passionate about helping organizations digitally transform their business to drive digitization and profitable outcomes. Here he speaks to Silicon India on the imminent revolution that the digital era has to offer

Q) Is Design Thinking turning traditional product development on its head?

Design thinking is being widely adopted as a methodology to drive various product development initiatives, including software product development. …


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